Applejack - The Original Spirit of America

Building a new nation is hard work so when the founding fathers and mothers needed to take a break and have something to drink, the beverage of choice was cider. Cider comes from apples and as every child learns the apples came from Johnny Appleseed. Much of what we learned about Johnny Appleseed are tall tales indeed. You can learn more of the real story of Johnny Appleseed here.

One thing that is true though is that the folks at Hudson Valley Distillers are keeping the spirit of John Chapman alive with their excellent Applejack. Their lineup includes a few versions of distilled apple cider, all equally good, in my opinion, but don't take my word for it, come by this Saturday, July 2, and decide for yourself. The Shoe String Band will be playing our period-correct oldtime music for your listening pleasure from 2-5 pm, hope to see you there!